Brady vs Manning – Advantage Brady

When Peyton heads into Foxboro today it is with certain obvious disadvantages.  Consider this…Tom Brady has been in the same system with Bill Belichick for 12 years and Peyton is in his first year in the system in Denver with John Fox.  Now certainly Peyton is bringing a lot of his Colts offense with him, but the obvious shouldn’t be overlooked, you can’t really compare 12 years with the same team and coach and starting anew with a different team and coach.

It is in big games like this that those comfort factors really come into play. Not to mention the other obvious fact that Peyton is coming off a major injury and is not fully recovered. He really hasn’t got all his arm strength back no matter what BB said at his latest presser.

And finally the game is in Gillette stadium, a place the Patriots rarely lose as they did to Arizona in their last game there.

So you have the following obvious advantages for Brady…

1)   Same system, same coach 12 years

2)   Peyton not fully recovered from major injury

3)   Home field advantage and psychological advantage since the Pats lost their last home game.

Both teams are .500 with 2-2 records.  So someone is going to end up with a losing record today. It might be a close game but it’s hard to see how Peyton wins unless the Brady offense has a bad day and doesn’t execute well.

Personally, I think it’s more than likely the Patriots are going to be 3-2 at the end of the day and Denver will chalk it up as a good game against a difficult opponent they knew going in might beat them.

In any case, this is the NFL where anything can happen on Sunday.